About Benkhaldoun Zouhair


PHD in Astrophysics from Nice Sophia Antipolis University in France and Cadi Ayyad university of Marrakech. Doctor in Energetics from Marseille University in France.

In 1985 he found with three other researchers the first research laboratory in Astrophysics in Morocco at the national center for scientific and technical research at Rabat. Joins Marrakech University in 1992 and founded with 5 other researchers the laboratory of high-energy physics and astrophysics in 1999. Works to create the first professional astronomical observatory in Morocco on Oukaimeden site, inaugurating it in 2007 and has been directing it since then.

Creates with a group of passionate people the Association of Astronomy amateurs of Marrakech (3AM), a cultural association aiming to promote astronomy and space science to the public.

His research works allow Morocco to be selected for the E-ELT project campaign. He conducted this project as part of the European FP6 program with the support of Hassan II academy for Science and Technics in Morocco.

He is president of the National Comity for astronomy in Morocco (CNAM). Has just been elected president of the ArAS (Arab Astronomical Society), a professional association newly created (December 2016) and working towards the promotion of scientific research in Astrophysics in Arab countries. He is one of the founders of  “Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Science” and he is a member of its scientific advisory committee.

He is leading an ambitious project to create a 2 meters diameter telescope in Morocco. He is also leading of Atlas Dark Sky Morocco (ADSM) project. The project is aiming the creation of a Dark Sky Reserve around the Oukaimeden observatory in Morocco. The reserve will cover a large area including the Toubkal National Park and the Oukaimeden observatory with a radius of about 80 km. It will become the largest Dark Sky Reserve worldwide and the first in North Africa.

Moreover, he is author of more than a hundred articles and scientific communications. He is also very active in the domain of science outreach. In recognition of his implication in the domain of Astronomy, the international astronomic union (IAU) gave his name to the asteroid 133892 Benkhaldoun (2004 RN8).

He is part of the research team that just discovered the most important exoplanet system as of today (http://www.trappist.one/). This discovery was published in the Nature magazine.


Prizes and distinctions:

Š  Receives in 2008 the prize for best French-Moroccan program called “Action Integrée Inter-universitaire” for the 25 years of existence of this program.

Š  Receives in 2009 the prize of the second best research structure in Cadi Ayyad university for the laboratory of Astrophysics and High energy physics he has been directing from 1999 to 2010.

Š  Figures in 2010 Edition of the magazine « Maroc Business Intelligence »

Š  An asteroid was named as a honor to him: 133892 Benkhaldoun (2004 RN8).

Š  Elected president of the national comity for Astronomy in Morocco (2013)

Š  Elected president of the ArAS, Arab Astronomical Society created in Marrakech in 2016

Š  He was responsible of numerous research programs and international contracts of scientific cooperation.

Narrative Write-Up

Professor Benkhaldoun has been working for more than 30 years for the development of Astronomy and Astrophysics in Morocco. For this reason, he chose first the site-testing theme for observation in astronomy aiming to provide Morocco with an astronomical Observatory. His works on this area allowed him to showcase the good quality of Moroccan sites, mainly the ones of Oukaimeden mountains, and lastly of Aklim site, that was shortlisted as candidate for the future project of the largest telescope in the world; E-ELT.  

Within this thematic, Professor Benkhaldoun and his team first estimated the sky quality in terms of transparence and developed their own measuring instruments (Benkhaldoun, 1993, 1994). Within his laboratory, the candidate also put in place and used two astronomical seeing measurement instruments: the Differential Image Motion Monitor of Marrakech DIMMAR (Benkhaldoun et al, 2004 and 2005). This instrument uses images flickering caused by atmospheric turbulence to characterize the latter and deduct the seeing, which is a main site testing parameter.

The expertise he acquired in this field allowed Pr. Benkhaldoun to contribute with his team to the creation of an atmospheric prifiler of a new type: the Single Star Scidar (SSS), by developing an inventive method of optimization calculus, based on what is called the simulated “recuit” « The Simulated Annealing Algorithm» (Habib et al, 2004, 2005).

Working on new concept using an interferometry method for the measure the phase fluctuation generated by the atmosphere turbulent motion, Mr. Benkhaldoun’s team developed a new instrument: Interferential Seenig Monitor ISM (Habib et al, 2008, 2013, on the long run, this instrument is supposed to replace the DIMM system taking into account its high efficiency and lower cost.

In addition to the instrumental development of these profilers, other techniques to extract turbulence profiles such as the usage of NCEP/NCAR meteorological data were put in place within the LPHEA team led by Mr Benkhaldoun (Y. Hach et al., MNRAS 2012). Therefore, on top of the instrumental development, professor Benkhaldoun showcased a strong theoretical knowledge, and therefore directed his team to contribute to the development of universal models of atmospheric seeing previsions (Benkhaldoun et al, 1994, 1996, 2003, Jabiri et al, 2001, Abahamid et al, 2004). These models are very useful for astronomers willing to schedule in advance the time and location of their observation.

Lastly, this characterization part of astronomical sites has been completed by the aerosols characterization, which is very annoying for observation in this region of the globe because of the proximity to Sahara. Dates of circulation of these aerosols were elaborated within the LPHEA. This part, studied in detailed, was the main subject of two thesis (Siher and Bounhir) supervised by Mr Benkhaldoun, as well as many scientific publications (Siher et al, 2002 et 2004, Bounhir et al, 2006, 2008 et 2009).

Many PHD students were therefore trained under the supervision of mister Benkhaldoun under the thematic of « site testing » (Jabiri, Siher, Abahamid, Habib, Bounhir and Hach), 5 of these researchers later joined his laboratory.

Year 2000 witnessed the organization in Marrakech of an important international conference on the thematic of site testing in visibility and radio (Site 2000). IAU (International Astronomical Union) and URSI (International Union of Radio Science) sponsored this conference and was a big success. Mr Benkhaldoun was the coordinator of the scientific comity and one of the three proceeding publishers. This proceedings are now a reference in the community (J. Vernin, Z. Benkhaldoun, and C. Muoz-Tunon, PASP 2002).

The scientific research conducted under this thematic contributed highly to the creation of Oukaimeden Observatory. This observatory was inaugurated in 1997 and Mr Benkhaldoun was naturally appointed director of this new research center belonging to Cadi Ayyad University.

In this context, and in thanks to the expertise acquired by professor Benkhaldoun on one hand, and the quality of Moroccan sites proves by scientific publications cited above on the other hand, the European community  (through ESO) chose one of the Moroccan sites as a possible candidate of the future 40m Diameter telescope called Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT). This was a very complex challenge due to the site isolation, but it was successfully completed. Actually, Professor Benkhaldoun knew how to mobilize his team and the financial and logistic resources necessary to lead this project. This campaign allowed Morocco to get a consequent database on the astro-climatic parameters of the region. This subjected led to the completion of a PHD thesis (Sabil 2013) and to a number of publications (Bounhir et al 2008, Benhida et al 2010, Sabil et al 2010, Vernin et al 2011, Vasquez-Ramiro et al 2012, Varela et al 2014).

Since the creation of the project of Oukaimeden observatory, professor Benkhaldoun is working toward the target other scientific areas more linked to stellar observations and compatible with the instrumentation he owns or that he was able to acquire within international cooperation. These subjects are presented here after:

Magnitude limit in Optical Interferometry:

The context being the optical interferometers on the launch of the realization of the European Extremely Large Telescope. The very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) is at a strategic turning-point, which determines its scientific applications and its future by horizon of 2020. If it’s application scope can be extended to the low sources, then one of the main axes of development of the VLBI is the manufacturing of instruments, and even interferometers, that could complete the EELT by accessing the fine details that are beyond its resolution abilities. The goal is then to grasp the limits of the long baseline interferometers on the years 2020.

During one doctorate thesis defended in Mr Benkhaldoun laboratory in 2008 (T. Elhalkouj), the following have been developed:

Š       A new isopistonic angle calculation method, acceptable angle between two astronomical sources so as one can be used as a guidance source for the scientific target source (Elhalkouj et al 2008, Sabil et al 2010).

Š       A new cophasing method, called hierarchical (ThŹse Elhalkouj 2008).

Š       A global method of evaluation and optimization of the sky cover for an off axe cophasing( Elhalkouj 2006).

Mach Zehnder interferometer for coronography and apodisation.

The Oukaimeden observatory, under Mr Benkhaldoun supervision, is strongly involved in the R&D program on that topic. The coronography development is fundamental to reach the “final” objective of the EELT on detection and characterization of very faint sources (looking forward “bio-markers” on exo-earths).

The professor Benkhaldoun have conclude an agreement with several partners which allowed the acquisition and installation of materials needed to develop a testing bench at the Marrakech University for an experimental validation of those concepts of apodisation and coronography.

The LPHEA team has engaged in simulations and experimental tests of the apodisation happening by interferometry by using the Michelson interferometer (El Azahri et al, IAU 200, 2006) then the Mach-Zehnder interferometer (Carlotti et al, A&A 477, 2008). The LPHEA has then developed a homothetic technique for interferometric apodisation (Azagrouze, ThŹse 2012, Habib, A., et al, MNRAS 406, 2012).


As the detection and characterisation of exoplanets is booming among the international astronomic community, the OUCA has then naturally taken interest on it. Consequently, two techniques have been implemented at the Observatory. The “transit” technique, which consist in flow decrease detected when a planet is at the crossing point with its star (Daassou et al 2010, 2011). And the radial velocity technique consisting in doing a spectroscopy on the signal coming from the Exoplanet candidate to detect the offset due to the shift of the star gravity center because of the effect of the environing planet system. The Exoplanets atmosphere study is part of the professor Benkhaldoun team investigations. The first doctorate thesis (Ahmed Daassou) was defended in the Cadi Ayyad University in 2015.  

In February 2017, the Observatory team achieves a worldwide scientific accomplishment by participating to the discovery of a 7 telluric exoplanets system, from which at least 3 are in the Habitable zone of the star TRAPPIST-1 (named after the TRAPPIST program from which one of the telescopes – TRAPPIST-North is in Morocco at the Oukaimeden Observatory).

This discovery was published on the prestigious magazine Nature ( 23 February 2017), and the professor Benkhaldoun is one of the authors with one of his doctoral students (Khalidd Barkaoui).

Solar System Small bodies:

The instrumentation actually available in the Observatory, because of its modest size, allows only observation of objects relatively near to our environment. Hence, in addition to sky surveillance for contributing to the discovery of new near earth objects (NEO and NEA) along with comets (Benkhaldoun et al 2012), the Oukaimeden Observatory has started a collaboration with the teams of the planet studies of the Paris Observatory (IMCCE et IPG), from Toulouse university in France and from the Hassan II university of Casablanca regarding the meteors and meteorites (Chenaoui et al 2012). A school of astrophysics OISA 2009 held in the Oukaimeden, was dedicated to this topic and has resulted in an international cooperation program led on the Moroccan side by professor Benkhaldoun (Baratoux et al 2012).

The OUCA is since then equipped with multiple cameras and GPS systems for meteor trajectory detection on one side, and for impact flash detection (meteorites crash on the moon) on the other side (Daassou et al 2011, Bouley et al 2012). The first PhD thesis in this topic was defended on September 2016 at LPHEA (Mamon Ait Moulay El Arbi)

MOSS Program:

Professor Benkhaldoun has succeeded in convincing a French astronomer to install a telescope dedicated to the discovery of small bodies in the solar system. And by involving a Swiss astronomy association that has provided the dome, the MOSS, Moroccan Oukaimeden Sky Survey, project was born. This program is now a great success and the Oukaimeden, thanks to the MOSS telescope, is graded as the 7th best detector of asteroids and comets worldwide (2016). Four comets, five near earth asteroids and more than 6000 new objects have been detected by this telescope (moss-observatory.org ). With more than a million measurements sent to the Minor Planet Center (MPC) of the International Astronomic Union, the Oukaimeden Observatory has reached in 2017 the 27th rank on the all-time rating of more than 500 observatories listed by this institution.   

RENOIR Program:

The Oukaimeden Observatory has joined the ISWI (International Space Weather Initiative) through the RENOIR@OUCA project, the project being based on a scientific cooperation with a research team from the Illinois University. The aim is to install in the Oukaimeden Observatory, a series of optical and magnetic instruments for the detection of the effects inducted by the sun activity on the ionosphere and magnetosphere. The cooperation agreement was signed under impulse from professor Benkhaldoun in may 2013, and the first publications are now starting to be released (Benkhaldoun et al 2014, Fisher et al, 2015, Kaab et all 2017).

Education by a scientific research:

Professor Benkhaldoun is very engaged in this essential facet for developing a high-quality scientific research. Under his supervision, the first postgraduate course in Astronomy has started on 2000 at the Cadi Ayyad University. Since then, 7 Master classes have been held on that discipline. Many of those laureates have been able to do a thesis in its laboratory and five of them have joined the Oukaimeden Observatory as researchers. He has now eight PhD students under his mentorship.

Since the Oukaimeden Observatory inauguration, Mr. Benkhaldoun and his team decided to organize an international spring each two year. This school has been named OISA for Oukaimeden International School of Astrophysics and is now at its 7th edition (2016). The 2016 OISA edition was English speaking and directed toward Arab World students (FAWSA: First Arab Winter School for Astrophysics).


It’s an aspect toward which professor Benkhaldoun is very keen and in which he is very involved. He has indeed created, with other passionate astronomers, an Astronomy association in Marrakech (3AM) that he has presided for more than 10 years. Each year this organization is holding an Astronomy festival (18th edition in 2017), along other events aimed toward the largest audience (schools and cultural centers animations). With his operations and his expertise, professor Benkhaldoun has helped in creation of a cultural center in Marrakech for which Astronomy is core activity (AGM cultural center).

Two Meter telescope project for Morocco

Professor Benkhaldoun is now working on the realization of a bigger project and that would lead to Morocco having a telescope of 2-meter diameter. With this in mind, an assembly of Moroccan astronomer is under creation and a national committee for Astronomy in Morocco has just been created. Professor Benkhaldoun is elected as president of this committee.

PS: All referenced publications have been authored (or at least co-authored) by professor Benkhaldoun (See publications list)


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Plus que 30 Circulaire du Minor Planet Center pour les détections et découvertes : (voir lien ci-dessus)

4.4. PHD supervising:

As a director:

1.    Mamoun Ait My El Arbi, « Observation depuis le sol et analyse des émissions associées aux chutes de météorides sur la lune », Université Cadi Ayyad, FSSM, Observatoire de l’Oukaimeden, Septembre 2016.

2.    Ahmed Daassou (Doctorat), « Contribution ą la mise en place de l’Astrophotométrie de précision ą l’OUCA, « Application ą la détection des exoplanŹtes de type Jupiter Chaud et Etudes de l’impact des météorides dans le systŹme Terre-Lune », Université Cadi Ayyad, FSSM, Observatoire de l’Oukaimeden, Juin 2015.

3.    Youssef Hach (Doctorat), « Analyse et Modélisation des ParamŹtres Astroclimatiques pour l’Evaluation des sites Astronomiques », Université Cadi Ayyad, FSSM, Octobre 2012.

4.    Bounhir Aziza, « Qualification des sites Astronomiques: Nouvelle approche par l’utilisation des mesures satellitaires et des données météorologiques », FSSM, Juin 2009.

5.    Habib Abdelfettah, (Doctorat) « Application de la technique du Scidar aux étoiles simples et Réalisation d’un « Single Star Scidar » », FSSM, 1-03- 2007

6.    Abdelouahed Abahamid,  (Doctorat), « Contribution ą la modélisation et l’évaluation de la turbulence atmosphérique & Mise en oeuvre et exploitation d’un moniteur de seeing astronomique », FSSM, 2005.

7.    Siher El Arbi (Doctorat d’Etat), « Extraction de l’extinction Atmosphérique ą Partir des données Heliosismologiques et Satellitaire », FSSM, Décembre 2004.

8.    Jabiri Abdelhadi.  (Doctorat d’Etat), «L’Oukaimeden Comme site d’Observation Astronomique : Caractérisation climatologique et optique et modélisation de la turbulence atmosphérique », Université Cadi Ayyad, FSSM, Mai 2001.

9.    Siher El Arbi (DES) « Photométrie en Astronomie. Application d’une Camera CCD ą l’Etude de la Variabilité d’une Etoile. Réduction des Données enregistrées par un PhotomŹtre Diurne ą L’Oukaimeden », Université Cadi Ayyad, FSSM, Octobre 1996.

10. Jabiri Abdelhadi.  (DES), « Etudes Météorologique du site de l’Oukaimeden. Climatologie du seeing par modélisation », Université Cadi Ayyad, FSSM, Octobre 1994


As co-supervisor:

1.    Sabil Mohamed (Doctorat), « Prospection et étude de sites astronomiques au Maroc: Le site d’Aklim dans l’Anti-Atlas. Réalisation d’un nouvel Instrument de mesure du Seeing: Le moniteur Interférentiel du Seeing », Université Cadi Ayyad, FSSM, Octobre 2012.

2.    Azagrouze Ossama, « Contribution ą l’Apodisation par Interférométrie, Coronographie et Détection des exoplanŹtes », FSSM Avril 2012.

3.    Thami EL HALKOUJ, «Vers l’interférométrie optique d’étoiles extragalactiques», Université Cadi Ayyad, FSSM, Janvier 2008.


4.5.     Workshops and meetings as Chair Person :

-       Ecole Internationale FAWSA (First Arab Winther School for Astrophysics), 2016

-       Cinq Ecoles Internationales OISA (Ecole Internationale d’Astrophysique de l’Oukaimeden). Entre 2007 et 2015

-       Organisation d’un colloque de l’Union Astronomique International : « IAU site 2000 » en novembre 2000 ą Marrakech.

-       Organisation du 7éme Work-shop IRIS  sur l’installation d’un réseau international en sismologie solaire, au mois de Mars1995 ą Marrakech.

-       Organisation du 3éme Work-shop IRIS, en octobre 1990 ą Marrakech.


5. Research Project and contract as PI

-       Projet TRAPIST-Nord, Partenaire Université de Liége-FRS Belgique (2016, en cours d’execution)

-       Projet OWL-Net, Partenaire Korean Astronomical Space Institut (2014, en cours d’exécution)

-       Projet KACOOLR, Partenaire : King Abdulaziz University (2014, en cours d’exécution)

-       Projet RENOIR, Partenaire : Université de l’Illinois, USA (2013, en cours d’exécution)

-       Projet PICS, Partenaire : Observatoire de la Cote d’Azur (2014-2017)

-       Action Intégrée Volubilis, Partenaires : Université de Toulouse, Observatoire de Paris, Université Hassan II. (2011-2013)

-       Projet MOSS, Partenaires, France, Suisse (2011, en cours d’exécution).

-       Projet ELT, partenaire : Académie Hassan II des Sciences et Techniques (2008-2009)

-       Projet E-ELT, Partenaire : Union Européenne, FP6 (2006-2009).

-       PICS, Partenaire : Université de Nice, « « Prospection de site pour les futurs trŹs grands télescopes (ELT) et étude du seeing atmosphérique.», (2004-2007).

-       Responsable d’un contrat de recherche avec l’ESO (European Southern Observatory) 2003 -2005

-       Programme PARS 66 SDU CNRST, (2001-2006)

-       Action Intégrée, partenaire : Université de Nice (1997-2000)


6. Distinctions et expertise:

Distinctions :

Š              Benkhaldoun Astéroēde (133892) Benkhaldoun = 2004 RN8 = 2000 XH46 , « Zouhair Benkhaldoun (b. 1959) is a researcher in Cadi Ayyad University’s department of physics in Marrakech. Since 2007 he has been the director of the Oukaimeden Observatory. [Ref: Minor Planet Circ. 78271] » http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=133892

Š              1st Prize for the best Inter-University Morocco-France cooperation (FES 2008).

Š              2nd Prize of the Best Research Structure of the UCA (2009).

Š              Quoted in the directory of 100 of the "Morocco Business Intelligence, 2010 edition".

Š              Nominated by the Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Techniques (MOROCCO) for the 2013 prize of the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS).


6. Expertise and evaluation

-               Scientific expert for FRS (Belgian Scientific Research Fund)

-               Expert evaluator for National Center for Scientific and Technical Research (Morocco).

-               Expert to the European Union for the Tempus program.

-               Member of Recruitment Commissions of Assistant Professors (Morocco).

-               CNAE expert for the accreditation of training courses (Morocco).

-               Referee of scientific journals.

-               Referee of several PHD theses.

-               Jury member of several PhD theses.


7. Others

-               Teaching: Responsible of several courses in various Bachelor's degree (SMP) and Master (High Energy Physics and Astrophysics)

-               Supervision of Master internship  (more than 60).

-               Member of several socio-cultural NGOs.

-               Founding member of the Association of Amateur Astronomy (3AM), president from 1999 to 2012.

-               President of the CNAM (National Committee for Astronomy in Morocco), elected in 2013.

-               President of the Arab Astronomical Society (ArAs) (elected in December 2016)